Installing WP on DigitalOcean VPS Hosting along with SSL

  1. Signup
  2. Login
  3. click on Green Create Button and choose Droplet from dropdown
  4. Navigate to Marketplace and click on WordPress
  5. Then select plan.
  6. Choose a Datacenter region (select nearest one)
  7. Set a strong password And finally Click on create.
    Now wait a little bit to Droplet to be get created.
  8. After successful creation of the droplet, we can see the machine is created with the name wordpress-…… along with its IP Address. Just copy the IP address and open it in new browser tab. (Here it will ask you to Please Log into your droplet via SSH to enable WP installation).
  9. Now go back to previous browser and click on Machine name wordpress-…… And click on console(which is on right side)
  10. Console gets opened up, and will ask u Domain/Subdomain, Enter the domain/subdomain name and then it will ask all the things related to WP like Email, username, pwd, Title, Enter all the details related to WP.
  11. After that it will ask for SSL certificate. Then do that tasks too by reading certain messages.
    (After SSL instructions, console will install WP on the Machine, as it get done we can check it on the refreshing the IP page which we had opened on new browser tab)


  1. Go to Domain Registrar (GoDaddy,etc)
  2. Open name sever section, set to custom
  3. Go back to DigitalOcean
  4. From Manage Dropdown(from Left Side bar) Go to Networking Tab
  5. Navigate to Domains tab.
  6. Add a domain, copy domain from Registrar (GoDaddy) or simply type it (like eg And click on Add Domain.
  7. Now after successful Domain Added, We can see the nameserver (like ns1/ under DNS records, copy and paste it on GoDaddy nameserver section.
    (Now it will take some time to propagate)
  8. Now add A record for the domain. By enter @ and then select the machine/droplet we had created and click on Create Record.
    (Now our domain is pointing to this IP address of our website)
  9. (Now we are ready to install the certificate)
    Now go to link for instructions
  10. Open the console again, and type all the codes on the console.
    i. First add the repository by its command.
    ii. Then update the package by its command.
    iii. Install certbot by its command.
  11. Now install the SSL by the command.(it will ask the email address of the domain enter any of the email address)
  12. After that do Press A and Y for agree and Yes on advance and proceed to unsafe) and thats it.

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